MSDS & Chemical Inventory Management

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The leading innovator in cloud-based SDS and chemical data management solutions!

The complete SiteHawk solution portfolio includes software and services for SDS management, SDS authoring, chemical inventory management, and environmental regulatory compliance.

SiteHawk’s SDS management software is a simpler and more powerful chemical data management solution offering all the tools you need to remain compliant and improve your EH&S program including:

  • Immediate access to SDSs – easy access to original manufacturer SDSs in PDF format, facility-specific or corporate-wide electronic access.
  • Robust searching – including SiteHawk’s QuickSEARCH, Perform basic, advanced multi-tiered searches, or detailed searches based on material properties.
  • Quantity management – track quantities by chemical, area, and transaction.
  • Regulatory reports – integrated reporting that includes detailed and regulation relevant information based on your notebook.
  • …and much more.

SiteHawk SDS Engineer is SiteHawk’s web-based SDS authoring platform. With intuitive, user-friendly interfaces you get all the features you need to enhance your SDS authoring ability leaving you in complete control.

  • Easy-to-use, wizard-driven interface that ensure all sections are thoroughly reviewed and chemicals properly assessed.
  • 16-section documents conforming multiple agency guidelines.
  • Flexible and globally compliant formats based on agency or mandate.
  • Agency-specific pictograms including GHS NFPA, HMIS and more.
  • Document control and versioning that includes other languages.

SiteHawk also offers expert SDS authoring services. Preparing SDSs for the new global standards requires consideration of both format changes and classification changes. SiteHawk utilizes experienced, in-house SDS authors to meet the demands of current hazard communication requirements regardless of the country or industry that you’re in.

Benefits to SiteHawk’s SDS Authoring Services:

  • SDS sheets compliant with all major country, agency, or regionally-specific requirements, including the ANSI, GHS, WHMIS, and EU standards.
  • Increased productivity for your product stewardship team since we monitor the regulatory environment, assess changes to your materials, and apply updates to your safety data sheets.
  • Immediate publication and availability to the consumers of your chemical materials with SiteHawk’s related SDS Hosting and Distribution services.

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