Safety News Articles

OSHA Proposes Rule to Ensure Crane Operators Are Qualified To Safely Operate Equipment.

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration today announced a proposed rule to increase the safety of America’s construction sites. In addition to providing long-term clarity regarding crane operator certification requirements, the proposal reinstates the employer duty to ensure that a crane operator is qualified to safely operate equipment. Make sure your operators are trained with our Crane Safety Videos.

Proven Process Not Being Used in Workplace Health and Wellbeing Programs

A new report from the National Safety Council’s Campbell Institute says many employers aren’t using a proven process to get worker wellbeing right. The report suggests employers use an approach similar to a safety management system (SMS). Worker wellbeing is where workplace safety and wellness programs intersect. An example is the Total Worker Health initiative from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. Total Worker Health is defined… Read more »

The Basics of PPE

“Safety first!” might be cliché, but it’s one that holds merit, especially when working in high-risk jobs like construction, with environments that are filled with dangerous equipment, electrical hazards, and lofty heights. PPE helps protect against injuries like lacerations and concussions, but even with these dangers in mind, there are still so many workers who don’t practice proper OSHA safety protocols. And in some cases,… Read more »

Company Faces Criminal Penalties for Trench Death

A construction company faces criminal charges in connection with an employee’s death due to a trench collapse.  Susquehanna Supply Co. Inc. of Williamsport, PA, has been charged with willfully committing an OSHA violation that resulted in an employee’s death. Susquehanna Supply’s primary business is bridge rehabilitation. The company contracted with the PA Department of Transportation to rehabilitate a bridge near Eyers Grove, PA. The rehab involved digging… Read more »

OSHA Fines Plastic Manufacturer for Lack of Machine Guarding

ABC Polymer Industries did not install proper machine guarding to prevent worker injury or death. On the evening of Aug. 16, 2017, 45-year-old Eva Saenz was working near a plastics recycling machine when she became caught and pulled into the equipment’s rollers. Despite other workers alerting emergency services, responders pronounced her dead on the scene. Now, ABC Polymer Industries LLC, the Helena, Ala.-based plastics manufacturer… Read more »

OSHA Can Now Issue Fines for Each Worker Without PPE

OSHA now has a new, powerful weapon in its arsenal to hit companies hard for PPE and training violations when a new rule takes effect. Starting Jan. 12, 2009, OSHA can issue per-employee citations for those types of violations. While OSHA says it intends to use these new measures only in egregious cases, the standard doesn’t spell that out specifically. The agency is relying on… Read more »

3 Dead, 2 Injured in Car Dealership Fire

A flash fire claimed the lives of three workers at a car dealership. OSHA says failure to implement a hazard communication program resulted in the loss of lives.  OSHA cited Carl Cannon Inc. for safety violations after three employees died and two were injured at its Jasper, AL, facility. Fines associated with the violations total $152,099. The agency investigated following a flash fire. Inspectors found employees were… Read more »

OSHA’s top 10 violations for 2017

Which OSHA regulations do inspectors cite most often?  It’s an annual tradition at the National Safety Council’s Congress & Expo: OSHA reveals its preliminary data on the top 10 violations for the federal fiscal year that ends on Sept. 30. The top five most-cited violations remain unchanged from FY 2016. The new entry on the top-10 list is Fall Protection Training Requirements which comes in at… Read more »

Florida Companies Fined for Lack of Fall Protection

OSHA says these two companies failed to provide employees with the training, protection, and tools required to safeguard them from the leading cause of death in construction: falls.  The agency issued five violations to two companies, D.R. Horton Inc. and Garcia Carpentry LLC, after an inspection at a work site in Ocala, FL. OSHA inspectors observed employees installing roofing sheathing without fall protection. D.R. Horton… Read more »

Fatal Trench Collapse in Boston

Two employees died on Oct. 21, 2016, in Boston, when the approximately 12-foot deep trench in which they were working collapsed, breaking an adjacent fire hydrant supply line and filling the trench with water in a matter of seconds. An OSHA investigation found that their employer, Atlantic Drain Service Co. Inc., failed to provide basic safeguards against collapse and did not train its employees – including… Read more »

Contractor Fails to Properly Protect Employees from Fall and Silica Hazards

EVANSTON, Ill. – A Burbank contractor failed to provide employees remodeling a home in Evanston with adequate protection from falls and the personal protective equipment and training needed to work safely with silica and portland cement. OSHA found JW Construction & Plastering, Inc. exposed workers to fall hazards of up to 25 feet, and allowed them to apply stucco without adequate personal protective equipment. OSHA issued… Read more »

Top OSHA Violations of 2016

The most cited OSHA violations of 2016 cover a wide range of workplace safety topics, from falls to chemicals, from PPE to forklifts.  According to Safety News Alert, Patrick Kapust, Deputy Director of Enforcement Programs for OSHA, revealed the list at the National Safety Council’s 2016 congress in Anaheim, CA. These numbers are preliminary. The totals will become final sometime in November. Fall protection (1926.501, 6,929… Read more »

Faulty Lockout/Tagout Leads to Worker’s Death

OSHA issued two violations to Carlson Tool & Manufacturing Corp. of Cedarburg, WI totaling $137,180 after a worker became entangled in a machine’s moving parts and was killed. The violations included: a willful violation because machine guarding wasn’t provided to protect operators from hazards created by point of operation, ingoing nip points, rotating parts, flying chips and sparks ($124,709), and a serious violation because a… Read more »

Worker Dies During Routine Fire Extinguisher Check

OSHA fined TimkenSteel Corporation following the death of a worker in March of this year. The employee was found dead in an elevator control room at the company’s Canton, OH, plant. He’d been performing monthly fire extinguisher checks.  An investigation determined that on March 20, 2016, nitrogen leaked into the control room resulting in an oxygen-deficient atmosphere. Oxygen levels were measured at just 4%. Suffocation can occur… Read more »

Amputation at Tyson Foods Exposes Hazards

DALLAS – A gruesome employee injury led federal workplace safety inspectors to discover the nation’s largest meat and poultry processor endangered workers by exposing them to amputation hazards, high levels of carbon dioxide and peracetic acid without providing personal protective equipment. Responding to a report of a finger amputation at the Tyson Foods Inc. chicken processing facility in Center, Texas, OSHA inspectors identified two repeated and… Read more »

Workers Exposed to Asbestos at Pittsburgh Coke Facility

PITTSBURGH – OSHA has found the United States Steel Corp. guilty of giving seven employees tasks that exposed them to asbestos, a widely recognized hazard associated with serious and fatal health risks including lung cancer. In February 2016, at the company’s coke production facility in Pittsburgh, five workers removed and replaced packing material containing asbestos at the direction of the company. In March 2016, OSHA found two other employees… Read more »

New Jersey Hospital Exposes Employees to Bloodborne Pathogen Hazards

OSHA has issued citations to Cooper Hospital (located in Camden, NJ) for nine serious and six other safety and health violations. The investigation was started on October 22, 2015 after a compliance officer investigating a separate complaint reviewed the hospital’s OSHA 300 logs and found there was an unusual amount of needle-stick and bloodborne pathogens exposure. Inspectors issued serious citations after determining the hospital failed… Read more »

Demolition Contractors Sentenced in Salvation Army Building Collapse

At the beginning of the year, the PA District Attorney’s Office announced that Griffin Campbell was sentenced to 15-30 years in prison, and Sean Benschop 7 .5-15 years for the death of 6 people and injury of 14 others when the Market Street Salvation Army collapsed in June of 2013. Their sentences reflect the nature of their crimes and the suffering of the victims. “I cannot… Read more »

Fall Protection Could Have Prevented Death in Nebraska

A newly hired, 39-year-old worker in Lincoln, Nebraska fell through a roof in October 2015 and later died. OSHA found that his death could have been prevented if his employer provided the required fall protection. The man, just two weeks on the job, was installing metal roofing sheets on a commercial building in Raymond for Custom Contracting Inc., his Lincoln-based employer, when he fell more than 20… Read more »